Kick Your Lift Gate Open On The 2013 Ford Escape

New Ford Escape image

Recently Ford announced that a large list of new features would be available for the 2013 Ford Escape. While the list included many interesting and truly innovative options, the most outstanding was the new “kick” feature. Instead of having to pull out your keys and press a button to open your lift gate, you can simply kick the air near your bumper to start the opening process. This option’s price is not yet available but the convenience of this feature cannot be denied. While this feature sounds great in theory, I have but two questions:

1.)  What happens if you are having a bad day and accidently kick too hard behind your car? Will the sensor be ok?

2.)  How does this sensor discriminate your foot from a strangers?

While a few potential issues arise, this handy feature appears to solve the age old problem of, I have my arms, hands, fingers, and space below my neck filled with stuff to go in my car, I can’t reach my keys, now what?

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