MyFord Touch Receives Major Update for 2012

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So we all have read the Consumer Reports article on MyFord Touch, pointing out the difficulties and annoyances with the current system. Well, it seems that Ford has too, and they’re not just sitting around moping about it. Ford Motor Company has just sent out a press release detailing the overhaul that the MyFord Touch system will receive. Ford has enhanced over 1,000 screens to make the experience of using the system more enjoyable and less aggravating. This upgrade comes in the form of a USB flash drive and will be mailed to owners of MyFord Touch systems.  Current owners have two choices, they can install the device themselves or they can take the flash drive to their local Ford dealer to have them install the new data. Owners who have the pleasure of the Navigation feature on the MyFord Touch system will also enjoy a new SD Card filled with new and exciting map data, HURRAY!

The Details

This upgrade is designed to make the MyFord Touch interface less cluttered. The buttons look more like, well, buttons; the font size has been increased for certain items such as the clock, and the four quadrants are labeled now so you know exactly what they are. Ford has also improved the screen response time to be twice as fast as before. And that’s not all; they have also added better phone compatibility and even enhanced the voice recognition software so SYNC isn’t trying to call your ex when you really just want to turn down the fan.

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Now, the really cool thing they’re adding to MyFord Touch is tablet support and audiobooks. For those who fancy a good read on the road, a solution is finally on its way.

When it comes to the infamous “Black Screen”, Ford says that the system will still reboot itself but don’t believe customers will encounter it while they’re in the car. They put the system through rigorous testing and are confident the “Black Screen” issue has been fixed. The upgrade will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete so make sure you have plenty of gas in the car.

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The Debut

Ford will be showcasing the upgraded MyFord Touch system at the L.A. Auto Show on November 16-17. It will be rolled out in the new 2013 Ford Escape, Taurus and Flex along with the Lincoln MKS and MKT. At it’s release in LA we’ll have our first glimpse into the new capabilities and upgrades to the MyFord Touch system. Ford expects to roll out the upgraded software late Q1, early Q2.


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