Our Future Looks Expensive with Cordon Multi-Targeting Speed Cameras

Traffic Camera Image

We all know…

Speed traps are cheap ways to catch unsuspecting drivers and speed cameras are no better. The good thing about these two law enforcement tools are they can only catch one vehicle at a time. So as long as others are traveling the same speed as you, you can feel relatively safe. That is you could feel safe. Introducing the CORDON speed cameras, these cameras have the ability to track up to 32 vehicles on screen at once. If that sounds scary it’s not even the half of it.

What we can expect

CORDON multi targeting speed cameras have a wide angle view so it can fit as much vehicles in its range as possible. The system also has a license plate detection system on it so it can bring up you plate number so it’s clear to see. Like all speed cameras it gauges speed, but it’s not a one two flash and it’s done, it tracks your speed the entire time you’re in view and even logs your vehicle location through GPS. Once you see it, you probably already caught. That is if you can see it. The CORDON speed cameras are so small they can be mounted to nearly anything, even temporary construction signs. The camera can also be updated with the latest software available to keep it ahead of the game. They can also use 3G, WiFi or even WiMAX to send information to databases quickly and efficiently so you’ll have a ticket waiting for you when you get home. Now it is not in the States yet but information tells us that it’s not too far along. You might start seeing tickets as early as 2012 so start saving up.

Here’s how you can plan

So get the led out of your shoes and begin putting those hands on ten and two because you might need it. Till then study the CORDON multi-targeting speed camera footage below. Speeds below speed limit show up in GREEN, speeds that are at the posted speed limit show up as YELLOW and speeds that are above the speed limit are RED. Enjoy.

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