Five Steps to a Safer Deer Season

As we all have noticed, the weather is getting colder, Sunday football is in full swing, and the deer are on the run. While the thought of a 10-point, 150-pound deer bounding through the forest would have any hunter licking his/her chops, most drivers are not as excited. According to Progressive Insurance, there are nearly 1.5 million deer strikes annually in the United States. With November recording the most of those deer strikes, below are five tips to help keep Bambi from being your new hood ornament:

1.)  When driving down side streets and rural roads at night, be alert and aware of what is happening in your peripheral vision. It is easy to get sucked into “tunnel vision” when driving at night, but by staying aware, you may be able to steer clear of a moving obstacle.

2.)  When driving on a multiple lane road, use the middle lane (furthest from the shoulder). By staying away from the areas off the road, you may have more time to brake if a deer decides to run across the road.

3.)  Be alert and mentally note deer that you see near where you typically travel. Deer like humans are creatures of habit and revisit the same spots frequently.

4.)  Wear your seat belt. If you find yourself in a situation that requires you to break hard, you will be the most safe and secure.

5.)  Drive a little slower at night. By reducing your speed you may be able to avoid a deer that is near or on the road.