2013 Mustang Gets Tech Savvy with Track Apps

2013 Ford Mustang Lebanon Ford

The Wait is Over

Ever since the 2013 Ford Mustang was revealed at the LA Auto Show, Mustang fans all over have been raving about just how good it looks. The 2013 Mustang got more than just a new look though, it also has some interesting new technology features to go along with it as well. The new Mustangs will see the addition of what Ford calls Track Apps. These new Track Apps help motor enthusiasts track the performance of their Mustang, as well as simulate things they’d find on an actual track, such as countdown clock to track quarter mile times. A new 4.2 inch LCD display will be mounted in the center of the gauge cluster where drivers can access the different features of the Track Apps.

 2013 Ford Mustang Track Apps Lebanon Ford

What You Get

The message center will display countdown lights to simulate a track start. It will also track users 0-30mph, 0-60mph and 0-100mph times. You will also be able to track your 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile times. You will even be able to track your deceleration times from 60-0mph and 100-0mph. Drivers will even be able review previous data such as top times, acceleration timer, and brake timer so they can track their progress. There is even a G meter that will track the amount of G’s you are pulling so you can brag to all your friends. Obviously these are all things that you should be utilizing on a closed road course… and we’ll leave it at that. The message center will also give drivers the ability to view engine temperature/operation, instant fuel economy, information regarding warnings, oil life, engine hours and engine idle hours, plus much more.

Check out Ford’s official press release on the 2013 Mustang and the Track Apps feature here.

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