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The importance of buying the right tire for your vehicle, how long your tires should really be lasting, and how good ol’ Abe Lincoln can still tell you when it’s time for a tire change. Hear this and more as we talk with special guest Jason Hipp, Service Manager of Lebanon Ford about tires.

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Show Length: 11:00

Presented by: Lebanon Ford

Lebanon Ford is a new and used car dealership located in Lebanon, Ohio, serving the greater Cincinnati and Dayton area. Lebanon Ford; Connect, Engage, Drive.

Special Guest: Jason Hipp – Service Manager – Lebanon Ford

Feel free to reach out to Jason Hipp with all of your tire questions or needs, as well as any other service related questions by calling him at 513-932-1010 or by email at

Show Notes

00:32 Discussion Topic: Tires!

00:50 Question 1 – How important is buying the right size tire for your vehicle?

01:30 Question 2 – How important is it to have the right type of tire, and what is the difference between a summer and a winter tire?

02:15 Question 3 – How do tires and tire pressure affect MPG?

03:06 Question 4 – Is there actually a benefit of using nitrogen inflation rather than regular air?

04:17 Question 5 – How long should a set of tires last and what are ways to make them last longest?

05:09 Question 6 – How important is regularly rotating your tires?

6:49 Question 7 – Is the penny test still a viable way to check your tire tread depth?

07:48 Question 8 – Do you have a favorite tire brand/model?

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