Teens of Tomorrow: iPads over Cars

Teenagers aren’t itching to get behind the wheel as much as they are to get the newest iPad. According to a research study conducted by Gartner, 46 % of young adults would rather have access to the Internet than access to a car. Gone are the days of sneaking out with Dad’s keys. Instead, kids are staying up late, talking to anyone they would want to through social networking sites, thus making the need to drive over and see their friends in person obsolete.

I get it. Why drive anywhere with gas at $3.50 per gallon when you can sit at home for free and Facebook chat? You’re only missing out on that little thing called, you know, your teen years. Lazy (or economical?) teens of America are probably even more encouraged by Facebook’s recent diagnosis as 4.5 degrees of separation (as opposed to 6 degrees in real life).

The carmakers’ solution? Install as much technology as possible into new vehicles to accommodate the needy, tech-savvy teens of tomorrow. They will never, ever, have to leave their iPad to get to their friend’s house. In fact, they can tweet them all the way until they get to their front door. In fact, they can Tweet them standing in front of them.