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We all look at mechanics as the doctors of our vehicles, but what if you could diagnose your vehicle’s problems without having to fork over everything in your pocket. What if you could view your car’s service history without having to go ask a guy behind a desk? What if your car could let you know when it’s time for some regular maintenance? Well the “what if’s” are gone and the “how to’s” are in. We are going to show you how to access all of that with Ford’s ingenious Vehicle Health Report. is your friend

You’ll first need to head on over to and create a free account if you haven’t already. If you have purchased a vehicle from Lebanon Ford, a myTech Team Representative should have already signed you up. You can find your login information on page 4 of your Lebanon Ford Welcome Packet. If you aren’t or still need help setting this up, feel free to contact a myTech Team Representative and we’ll get you signed up. (You can find our contact information at the bottom of this post).  Once you’ve logged in to your account you can customize your Vehicle Health Report settings. Select a preferred dealership where you get your service done (cough) Lebanon Ford (cough). Your account will be able to keep track of your service history at that location so it is easily accessible. It will also display service coupons and sales at your preferred dealership so you never miss out on saving money. You can also connect your email and your phone so that you can receive an email informing you that your Vehicle Health Report is ready to be viewed or send you a text message when it finds an urgent problem that needs your attention. When the report does find and urgent problem you can view it in more detail so you can know exactly what is wrong with it before you take it anywhere. The best part is all this information you can print out and take to your mechanic, including any coupons or sales to show them upon arrival.

Running a Vehicle Health Report is very simple and can be done from your vehicle at any time. With the engine running, press the phone button on steering wheel or radio to activate SYNC. When prompted, use the voice command “Vehicle Health”. Your vehicle will run the report and then send the results to your account for you to view. It’s really that simple.

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Scheduled maintenance alerts

Apart from receiving diagnostic information Vehicle Health Report can even prompt you in your vehicle when it’s time for scheduled maintenance at certain mileage intervals you decide. This scheduled maintenance can include things form oil changes to tire rotations. The system will also remind you to run a Vehicle Health Report at mileage intervals you choose so you can stay on top of your maintenance. For more information, watch Ford’s official Vehicle Health Report video here to see exactly how it’s done.

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  • Joe

    Heres a question. I was told where I bought my 2014 fusion that the sync system automatically sends issues with your car to your set preferred Ford dealership so like if the car is having some kind of issue it sends that automatically to your set dealership then they will call or mail you to come in and be serviced. Something like the computer detects a knock in the generates a report sends it to WhoEver Ford they see Mr Browns Ford has an issue that needs immediate service …then WhatEver Ford calls to info Mr Brown to let him know.. Is this true as I know Ford has never contacted me when my health report came up with issues I have to call them and let them know…