SYNC Destinations Allows You to Control Traffic from the Palm of Your Hand

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Once again the technologies of Ford are helping make the driving experience easier and less stressful. If you’re like the rest of us, you hate sitting in traffic. Now, for those who have a Ford vehicle equipped with Microsoft SYNC, you have a leg up on traffic and congestion and you’ll never have to be late for anything again. We know that with your account you can receive traffic updates while you’re in your vehicle through SYNC Services. What you might not know is that Ford has developed a free App called SYNC Destinations that allows you to access maps of current traffic conditions of not only your current location, but of the route that you would be taking to your next destination. The app is available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry phones and works via your account login information (if you’re a Lebanon Ford customer and have forgotten your login info contact us via phone (513) 932-1010 x127), so you need to have signed up there first. The app can show you when the best time to leave is depending on current traffic conditions, and also allows you to save destination points for quicker access later.

How it works

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As stated, the SYNC Destinations app can forecast what traffic will be like so you can be prepared for what the future of road traffic might throw your way. The map will display congestion levels by using green, yellow and red bars to indicate the severity of traffic. It will also display where construction is underway and where accidents have been reported.  You can also manage and save points such as Downtown, Work, School, and anywhere else you travel to. You will be able to look at all your saved points and see what traffic will be like to get there from your current position. It will also display your ETA to that point if you were to head to that position now.

[Watch]: David Gersabeck, Product Manager for SYNC Services, shows the latest features of SYNC Destinations at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show

The future of driving is ever changing and it’s nice to know that Ford is looking out for us, especially when it comes to wasting unnecessary time in traffic.

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