Kentucky Rated One of the Most Dangerous Car Driving States

According To the National Transportation Safety Board, Kentucky ranks number 7 of the most dangerous states. The board states that the reason for Kentucky’s ranking is directly related to the number of road fatalities from the previous year. Speculation on the high number of fatalities is associated with the equally high number of DUI’s issued and the relatively lax traffic laws in Kentucky.

While the NTSB’s statistics are undeniable, when Cincinnati’s WCPO Channel 9 covered the story, a discrepancy over the ranking emerged between truck drivers and local Kentuckians. Their arguments were:

To Truck Drivers- The ranking is too high because Kentucky’s roads are about as safe as any other state in America.

To Local Kentuckians- The ranking is spot on and the problems need to be corrected.

So, the real question is who’s right, truckers who pass through Kentucky daily or those who live there? While this debate may continue for an undeterminable amount of time, what is clear is that no matter which of the 50 sates you call home, all Americans need to take every precaution while on the roads for their own safety as well as for other drivers.

Among the Top 10 most dangerous driving states are:  #1 Montana, #2 Louisiana, #3 South Carolina, #4 West Virginia, #5 Arkansas, #6 Mississippi, #7 Kentucky, #8 Wyoming, #9 Alabama and #10 Nevada.

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