Japanese Car Accident Damage Estimates Well over $4 Million Dollars


Yesterday (December 5, 2011) a 14-car accident occurred on a Japanese highway outside of Hiroshima. While 10 drivers were hospitalized from the crash (and our hearts go out to them for a speedy recovery), for many Americans, auto accidents are apart of everyday life. This auto accident in particular is special because of the type of cars that were totaled, and I mean TOTALLED in the crash. The car casualties included (caution to all car enthusiasts):

Eight Ferraris

Three Mercedes-Benzes

And One Lamborghini Diablo

Needless to say this was a car collector’s tragedy, totaling well over $4,000,000 in twisted metal damage. According to reports, this Italian sports car caravan was headed to a car show held in Hiroshima. The lead driver attempted to pass a slower vehicle on the highway and slid out of control. The subsequent cars crashed when attempting to avoid the sliding lead car.

From all of this there are three obvious lessons:

1.)  Always buckle up before driving your vehicle.

2.)  Never drive in packs with other valuable cars.

3.)  Always remember that The Fast and the Furious was movie and just because you own a super car does not mean that you are able to execute death defying stunts without proper training.