How to Play Video on MyFord Touch from a Mobile Device [w/video]

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Gone are the days where everyone has to huddle around your measly smart phone screen to see what you’re watching. Clamoring over each other’s shoulders to get a glimpse at whatever is being shown. Imagine everyone sitting comfortably in their own chairs, cup holders within reach and watching on an 8” display whatever you’re playing on your smartphone. No one is pulling on your shoulder to get a better view, nor is anyone annoyingly jumping behind you to see over everybody. Oh, and did I mention this all happens in a Ford? Yes that’s right, a Ford. If you have a MyFord Touch infotainment system in your Ford vehicle, you have access to this in-car theater system. You want to watch Netflix? Boom, it’s there. You want to watch the talking dog video on YouTube everyone is talking about? Bam, you’re already watching it. Best of all, because the audio plays through your car speakers, you get a surround sound feel. To turn your car into a mobile theater system, just follow these 6 easy steps:

Follow these 6 easy steps

1. Get a media player that can play video, such as a smartphone or an iPod.

2. Purchase an A/V adapter that is compatible to your media player. (These can be found at most stores and run between $5 and $30. This is the one we used)

3. Plug the adapter in to your line-in ports in your vehicle and the other end in to your device. They are usually located in the same area as your USB and Line-In ports.

4. Go to you MyFord Touch screen and bring up the Audio tab so it takes up the whole screen.

5. Use the arrow button on media menu on the left side of the screen to bring up the A/V In button.

6. Now all you have to do is just press the Play button on the video you wish to watch and you’re good to go.


This also works with DVD players or even video recorders, as long as you have a compatible A/V cord. For safety reasons, video is only supported when the car is in park.

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    Yup. Lockpick

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      I have 2012 Ford Explorer and interested in the same. What is lock-pick?

  • Amin ALkhalili

    I have ford Taurus 2013 SEL, I tried alot to play video from my phone Xperia Z1
    I buy adapter from av TV to USB and it didn’t work, then I buy adapter from av TV to HDMI AND from HDMI to my phone also didn’t work.

    So what can I do, who can help me with this

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    we have enough idiots on the road.. wtf is wrong with you people

  • Nicc

    I’m having the same issues. My video port won’t work. Is there something I need to do before setting up anything on the AV setting!?