How to Play Video on MyFord Touch from a Mobile Device [w/video]

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Gone are the days where everyone has to huddle around your measly smart phone screen to see what you’re watching. Clamoring over each other’s shoulders to get a glimpse at whatever is being shown. Imagine everyone sitting comfortably in their own chairs, cup holders within reach and watching on an 8” display whatever you’re playing on your smartphone. No one is pulling on your shoulder to get a better view, nor is anyone annoyingly jumping behind you to see over everybody. Oh, and did I mention this all happens in a Ford? Yes that’s right, a Ford. If you have a MyFord Touch infotainment system in your Ford vehicle, you have access to this in-car theater system. You want to watch Netflix? Boom, it’s there. You want to watch the talking dog video on YouTube everyone is talking about? Bam, you’re already watching it. Best of all, because the audio plays through your car speakers, you get a surround sound feel. To turn your car into a mobile theater system, just follow these 6 easy steps:

Follow these 6 easy steps

1. Get a media player that can play video, such as a smartphone or an iPod.

2. Purchase an A/V adapter that is compatible to your media player. (These can be found at most stores and run between $5 and $30. This is the one we used)

3. Plug the adapter in to your line-in ports in your vehicle and the other end in to your device. They are usually located in the same area as your USB and Line-In ports.

4. Go to you MyFord Touch screen and bring up the Audio tab so it takes up the whole screen.

5. Use the arrow button on media menu on the left side of the screen to bring up the A/V In button.

6. Now all you have to do is just press the Play button on the video you wish to watch and you’re good to go.


This also works with DVD players or even video recorders, as long as you have a compatible A/V cord. For safety reasons, video is only supported when the car is in park.

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If you have any questions about playing video from a mobile device on your MyFord Touch system or have any other in-vehicle technology questions, feel free to contact a myTech Team Representative by calling 855-567-0440 or by email at

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  • Thebigboy700

    Can it play a movie from a CD?

    • Jeff Cryder

      It depends on the vehicle and feature setup. Ford models equipped with SYNC + Navigation (not MyFord Touch) will be able to play movies from a CD. However the only models that particular setup is currently available are: F-150, Mustang and Fusion. If you need any more clarity feel free to contact our myTech Team (513) 932-1010 x127 :-)

  • DC

    Just purchased a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT. It has the A/V hook up…love it! My question…Is there a way to overide the system and watch a video while the vehicle is out of park or driving?

  • Ali

    It didn’t work on Exlorer 2012 using the original Apple AV cable with iPhone4(5.1.1), pls advise?

    • Jeff Cryder

      Ali, thanks for posting your issue. Alex, our lead myTech Team rep will look into this. He might need additional information, is it alright for him to contact you via email?

  • Melissa

    I tried to hook up my ipad 2 to my 2011 ford explorer myford touch with the apple AV composite cable to watch a movie and it does not work. Please advise.

    • Alex Cryder

      Hey Milissa, there a lot of people were having trouble with the Apple A/V composite cable. We found that if you have the cable connected to both the USB port and the A/V then it will not play. Make sure the USB cable isn’t connected and that all the A/V cables are fully inserted. For additional support give us a call at 513-932-1010 ext. 127.

  • aaron de la o

    hi. sorry if i can´t write well, i´m from mexico and i have a ford focus SEL 2012 with myford touch, my question is: can i watch video whit sd car or usb? how can i watch video when the car is moving?

  • Ryan

    Still will not work with iPhone … Don’t waste your money. I even unplugged the USB cable and just used the apple A/V composite cables but still never got video and when I unplugged the USB I didn’t even get sound. Unfortunate :(

  • Paola

    I have a Ford Edge Sel equiped with My Ford Touch. I’m having a hard time trying to reproduce video. I have connected a portable DVD player to tha A/V connection for the kids and I’m getting sound but not video image, even in parking. Is there anything else I should be doing in order for it to work?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Carlos

    I am traying to connect my iphone 5 to my Ford Edge 2012 SEL , but i try to get the AV cable connector for Iphone 5 to RCA connector in few electronics stores but nothing for the new Iphone, also I cannot load video or any kind of DVD format. somebody can help me?

    • myTech Team

      Hi Carlos, the only way you can play video on your MyFord Touch screen is through a A/V cable. Hopefully there will be a A/V cable for the iPhone 5 soon.

      • Frustrated with Ford

        Go home and look around your house and tell me one of your cameras, media players or whatever else that uses A/V cable primarily??? HDMi or usb anything but A/V

        • Look

          Only need the lightning to VGA adapter, then a VGA to composite cable.

  • Johnny

    Is this pointless since you can’t display the video’s while driving? I was planning on using the GPS navigation from the phone.

    • myTech Team

      Johnny it all depends on what you want to get out of it. If you’re in a parking lot waiting for someone to do some shopping you can get an episode or two in of your favorite show while you wait. If you are looking to use it while driving, than the feature won’t be very useful.

  • pitaman22

    Will the 2013 explorer xlt be able to display gps video forom a ipone 5?

    • myTech Team

      Sadly Pitaman22 the vehicle will not display gps video from an iPhone to the vehicle’s screen. If I am mistaken though it wouldn’t be of much use considering that the vehicle has to be in park in order to display the video.


    I just purchased a a/v cable to connect my samsung S2 cell phone to my Ford explorer xlt my touch system but the plugs that goes into vehicle do not fit. I check the My touch manuel and it calls for a cable with 3.5mm input jacks but they don’t fit. Please advise where can I purchase a set of cable that works.

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      Depending on the year of your Explorer, some use a 3.5mm some use A/V inputs. Make sure you are using the correct adapter for your phone. A/V will only transfer audio and video to the vehicles screen.

  • TxAkita

    I have a Android Note 2. I cannot get it to work with my 2013 Mytouch. All 3 plugs in the RCA plugs, & out from my phone. What else do I need? ?

  • Amin

    How can play video in explorer2014 XLT?

    do not have A/V in explorer XLT 2014

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      Unfortunately your vehicle doesn’t have the capability to view content on the screen. Your vehicle must have A/V inputs.

  • Mayhem

    Thanks for this information. I was wondering if my kids can use the USB’s ports for the back seats screens? and what type of video extension can be used?

    • Lebanon Ford Concierge

      If you have the DVD screens in the back of the headrests you can use the A/V jacks for those screens. Unfortunately the USB ports in the front of the vehicle are only for the MFT screen in the center of the dash.

      • Mayhem

        Thanks for that. On the Flex there are USB on each of the screens. We tried to put a USB but it did not recognized the movies. The videos had a mp4 extension. The USB worked on the TVs at home.

        Does that helps?

  • Nicholas L Aranda

    Let me know if any one is able to hack this or bypass this. My daughter LOVES Frozen right now and we don’t want to by a new DVD player / screen for the passenger seat or bring our iPad, which we forget to charge all the time. I’m very technical and don’t care about the warranty. Is there a setting I can change? Some wires I need to cross, remove, add? Some other hardware I could add to the inside of my dash to enable this? It’s pretty ridiclious disabling this function when A BOAT LOAD of other functions are enabled when driving that require as much focus on the screen than on the road, yet you choose to disable this for a 4 year old in the passenger seat? I won’t be buying a Ford after this one. Lastly: if you can change radio stations, Pandora stations and XM stations, you should be able to change movies for the little ones in the passenger seat. That is an example of a function that requires a ton of focus on the screen instead of on the road, yet is enabled when driving.