Chevy Volt’s Popularity Has Run Out of Battery Juice

With the recent release of Wall Street 24/7’s annual “Biggest Product Flops,” the Chevrolet electric Volt comes in at 2011’s number 3 biggest flop (one of two cars on the list). According to the article, GM moved the Volt’s release date up by six months. While millions were spent in research and development, advertising, and production the Volt has only reaped meager sales numbers. Only 125 cars were sold in July 2011. GM spokesman states that it will take time for Americans to make the switch to electric vehicles, the real question however, is how long if ever will that switch ever happen. From these 2011 sales numbers, this humble opinion wouldn’t bet on it.

While the Volt’s extremely low sales numbers are concerning, what is outright scary is how some Volt owners have had front row tickets to a bonfire erupting from their engine compartments. Currently, federal transportation officials are investigating the lithium-ion batteries that are causing these fires. On a side note, GM has been kind enough to offer a complementary rental car to concerned Volt owners.

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