How Auto Makers are Using Video Games to Showcase New Vehicles

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Ford’s Social Marketing

We saw earlier this month Ford rolling out its Ford Fusion App for the iPhone and Android systems. It was a fun way to drive the new 2013 Fusion and unveil more detailed information on the new car as you race the tracks that become unlocked at certain days. This would then lead up to the debut of the 2013 Fusion which you could view on your Ford Fusion App. It was an interesting way of using Smartphone technology to let consumers discover a car instead of just being shown what it will look like. It allowed Ford to get people to fall in love with the car and develop a history with it. They play the game not knowing what the actual vehicle looks like, but at the end of all their hard work they will be able to see the car they’ve been driving for nearly a month. It’s a great way to use social marketing, but it seems that Ford isn’t the only ones hopping on this idea.

Hyundai Follows

Hyundai just recently used iPhones to allow their target market to control a virtual game in Times Square. The phone became the controller which you used to steer a Hyundai Veloster around a track. It was a fun and interactive way to show their consumers how fun and exciting the new car can be. With it also being shown on huge monitors at Time Square practically everyone there could see the little hatch zipping around the ring.

Here’s how it works

So I ask, is this form of marketing effective? After interacting with these games, do you leave wanting to purchase one of these vehicles. Place your comments below and don’t forget to watch Hyundai’s Time Square video. Enjoy.


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