New Highway Driving Safety Features in the 2013 Fusion

One of the greatest hazards while driving on American highways (especially at night) is a driver falling asleep at the wheel. To help curb this problem, the 2013 Ford Fusion will come equipped with an all-new Highway Driving System that will help keep drivers alert and safe on the highway. While these driver monitor systems are usually available on pricy luxury cars only, yet again Ford shows that they are committed to offering premium features (like the SYNC system and moon roofs) for a reasonable price.

Included in this Safety Driving System will be a Lane Keeping Alert setting, a Lane Keeping Aid setting, and a Driver Alert setting all available for speeds over 40 mph. The Lane Keeping setting alerts the driver with a wheel vibration and an alarm when the car drifts out its lane. The Lane Keeping setting will auto-correct the car’s course to keep it in its lane if the car begins to drift. Finally, the Driver Alert monitors the driver’s movements and alerts the driver with an alarm and a picture of a cup of coffee that lights up on the Fusion’s dash screen if the car begins to drift.

From these new features it is reassuring to see that motor companies like Ford are not only committed to cool gadgets but other features that keep not only Ford but all other drivers safe on the interstate.

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