3 Easy Steps That Could Change Your Driving Experience Forever

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We’ve received a lot of questions regarding Ford’s SYNC Services and how to access it while in your vehicle. SYNC Services, if you don’t know, is a Ford service that offers turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates and information. The information portion allows you to conduct business searches, get news and sport updates, receive stock information and even check your horoscope (if that’s what you’re into). There is also a FREE  Mobile App called SYNC Destinations that goes along with your Services Subscription.

Getting Started

1.) First off you must have an account open with www.syncmyride.com and have an active subscription to SYNC Services (Lebanon Ford customers are automatically signed up during the delivery of your vehicle. Syncmyride.com login info is located on Page Four of your Welcome Packet). Once your account is created make sure you fill in the additional information below your vehicles picture. If you bought a new Ford vehicle model 2010+ then you’ll get the subscription FREE for 3 years. Yeah that’s 3 years FREE! However, If you are buying a used Ford vehicle then you’ll have to purchase it, which averages out to just $5.00 a month. If you’re able to do without that foot long sub once a month you’ll be good to go.

2.) Once you’re account is setup online get into your vehicle with the same phone in hand you saved to your syncmyride.com account. Start up the car so that the phone connects (make sure the bluetooth feature is active on your phone or won’t connect). If you’re still having trouble with connecting your phone please reference our SYNC troubleshooting page.

3.) Once the phone is connected press the “Voice” button located on the steering will. After the noise prompt, say “Services”.


Don’t be alarmed if you see your phone making a call, this is how you access Services. As you navigate your services it will use your minutes, but we found that on average you’ll be on the call for a minute and a half. When you first use Services it will seem like it is taking for ever to get anywhere, don’t worry it’s just going through a tutorial.


This video will walk you through setting up your owner account with syncmyride.com.


Be sure to look out for our video on how to access SYNC Services and as always you can find our myTech Team service on our myTech Team page. You can also call 855-567-0440 or email us directly mytechteam@lebanon-ford.com.

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