Drive Away The Winter Blues

With Christmas behind me and spring a long four months away, winter in Cincinnati can at times induce a sense of depression. I mean when else are the roads slick as an ice rink and air as cold as a freezer; this must be what a frozen fish stick feels like! While I look out my window upon this white incarceration I thought I would share a few of my least favorite post-Christmas winter things:

1.)  Getting stuck behind a salt truck full of tiny bits that are just begging to dent the front of my car.

2.)  A frozen windshield that my wipers won’t clear.

3.)  The windshield re-freeze that ensues after I empty my windshield washer fluid to loosen that ice.

4.)  The century it takes for my car to warn up from a cold start.

5.)  The ice cube they call a steering wheel that I have to use to drive the car.

While I do agree that snow can make a very pretty landscape, I am merely pointing out what that beauty costs, especially once you get in your car. Check up on your fluid levels, invest in the weather-defying $40 wiper blades, and start the countdown until spring.