How to Easily Keep Your Mobile Device Connected to Ford SYNC

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Today, many of us use our mobile phones for daily things like checking email, updating our Facebook status and capturing that Kodak (R.I.P.) moment, the last thing on our minds is giving our phone a much needed break. We are all guilty of doing it. You come home from a long day and see that little red sliver of battery life on your phone. First thing you do is run past your spouse, jump over your dog and dive for your wall charger to plug it in. There’s something about allowing your phone to shut off that makes us shutter just thinking about it. Well what if I were to tell you turning off your phone could actually make your driving experience easier?


When it comes to phones, more so smart phones, keeping them constantly running without an occasional reboot can affect their performance. For Ford owners equipped with Microsoft SYNC the one performance issue you might notice is your Bluetooth freezing. You will notice this issue in the form of your phone unable to connect to your vehicle.  The quick fix is to just reboot the phone and wait 30 seconds to a minute till you turn it back on. To ensure that your phone connects hassle free in the future be sure to reboot your phone once in awhile. This will help your device form a solid connection to your Ford SYNC as well as improve your phones overall responsiveness and effectiveness.

Need Further Help?

Be sure to check out our article on fixing common Microsoft SYNC issues for any problems you encounter with your mobile phone and media players. Also, please reference our specific articles regarding the Android, iOS and BlackBerry operating systems for detailed instruction on setting up your device to your vehicle’s Microsoft SYNC.

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