How Programming Your Keyless Entry Can Make Your Life Easier

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We’ve all been there; you approach your vehicle on your way to work or the grocery store when you spot the very car key that should be lying dormant in your pants pocket, living it up on your center console. Sitting there laughing at you as you frantically try to figure out a way to retrieve them without resorting to the ‘ol brick through the window solution. You may be wondering “Is there a better way”, well I’m here to tell you there is.

Simple Solution

It’s called the Keyless Entry Key Pad and if you own a Ford vehicle that isn’t a base model chances are you already have it. Ford vehicles with Keyless Entry have a programmed factory code which it already recognizes. These codes are usually located on the back of you manual booklet. If you choose to memorize the factory code more power to you. However, If you know you won’t be able to remember the 5-digit code then read on as I’ll walk you through how to customize your vehicles Key Pad with a 5-digit number you’re more familiar with.

How to Program

When programming an alternate code into your key pad, make sure you have your Keyless Entry factory code in hand and the 5-digit number you want in mind.
  • Lock all the doors and enter in the 5-digit factory code.
  • Within five seconds press the 1/2 button.
  • Within five seconds of the doors unlocking/locking, enter in the 5-digit code you wish to use.
  • Once you’ve entered the new code wait for the confirmation (unlocking/locking of the doors) to know that your new code was accepted.
  • Test to ensure your vehicle has accepted the new key code. Pretty simple, huh?

Programming with MyFord Touch

If your vehicle has the MyFord Touch system there are two separate ways to program your Keyless Entry Code. The first was described in the section above, the second involves using the MFT (MyFord Touch) screen from within your vehicle.
  • Begin by pressing the “Menu” button located on the top of the Home Screen.
  • Click “Vehicle” located on the left menu list.
  • Select “Door Keypad Code” from the list.
  • Enter in your factory key code.
  • Then enter in the 5-digit key code of your choice.
  • Once completed your Keyless Entry code will be changed allowing you to use that code to enter your vehicle.

Easter Eggs

Your Keyless Entry Key Pad can do more than just unlock the driver side door.

  • Once you enter in your key code press button 3/4 to unlock all doors
  • If you press button 5/6 after your key code is entered it will open your lift gate if you vehicle is equipped with one.
  • Instead of fumbling around with your keys to find the lock button just press button7/8 and 9/0 at the same time to lock all your doors.


Make sure you do not throw away the Keyless Entry card that has your factory 5-digit code on it. The reason being, if you your battery dies the door code will reset to the factory code. Also don’t keep the card in your glove box. If you’re locked out because of a dead battery it won’t do you any good inside of your car.

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