A Simple Way to Place Calls From Your Ford

Ford Steering Wheel image

Today, practically every car manufacturer has steering wheel buttons equipped in one or more of their vehicle line up. They’re design is simple, to help ensure your hands are on the wheel and eyes on the road. As you might already know Ford isn’t a stranger to buttons located on the steering wheels; they have them equipped in practically every model. Typically (among Ford vehicles at least), your cruise controls will be located on the left side of the wheel and your media with phone buttons and volume  located on the right. It’s this right side of the steering wheel which tends to cause the most confusion among owners I’ve consulted.

The Correct Button

Ford has four different button layouts that spread across their vehicle line up. The layout I see owners having the most problem with is the one in the picture above. The phone button is located to the left of the “OK” button and the voice button is located to the left of the media button.  These buttons are fairly close to one another so a lot of the time I see people trying to press the media button to tell the car to call someone. The same thing applies to the phone button when people are trying to pick up or hang up a call; they inadvertently press the “OK” instead.

Simple How-To

Make sure that when you are trying to place a call to tap the voice button that is to the left of the media button. When prompted say “phone” then when prompted again say “call <name>”. When you are receiving a call make sure you press the phone button and not the “OK” button. Just tap the button to pick up the call. If you want to ignore the call or hang up that call when finished press and hold the phone button.

Need help?

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