Top 5 Automotive Super Bowl Commercials [w/video]

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The Super Bowl is the only time of the year audiences gather around their televisions to watch 30-60 second commercials because it’s cool. It also seems to be the only time of the year advertisers actually create commercials worth talking about. Below I’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Automotive Super Bowl commercials of all time! Well actually, I cannot vouch for “all time” but nonetheless it’s a solid list.

5.) Ford: Easy Being Green [2006]

Ford’s spot did a very nice job tying together a character most of America loves and trusts, Kermit the Frog with the slogan “It’s not easy being green” (A play off of the color of Kermit’s skin) to their Ford Escape Hybrid. Kermit + Hybrid = Match Made in Heaven. Kermit coupled with this ad campaign marked the beginning of Ford Motor Company’s green initiatives which have evolved to where they are today. Thanks Kermit :D

4.) General Motors: Robot Love [2007]

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a big fan of GM in any way shape or form. However, with that said I have to give credit where credit is due and this spot deserves some kudos. Who cannot resist not feeling sadden by a robot who’s only goal in life is perfection?! Not only do you watch feeling the same burden of perfection as our metallic friend; you also feel hopeless to help (unless you buy GM of course ;-). All in all a very solid ad with a clear message. Wait, doesn’t this little guy remind you of our other metallic friend? And I’m not talking about Wall-e

3.) Audi: Horsehead [2008]

In this Godfather parody, a man finds the grille of his car in his bed. If you haven’t seen Godfather you’ll be able to infer based off the title what the car grille is actually symbolizing. I put this spot in my top 5 not only because it’s edgy and pushes the boundaries but It marked a turning point for Audi’s brand image resurgence.

2.) Chrysler: Imported from Detriot [2011]

This commercial could be viewed more as propaganda than selling a specific product. However,  It’s undeniable how emotionally powerful this ad was when it aired to the effect its message seemly transcended the actual product it was advertising. It’s strong, evocative, and just overall a great spot. Though I work for a Ford Dealership I consider myself first and foremost a Marketing/Advertising guy and this ad along with the slogan “Imported from Detroit” not only made me upset with envy (that I didn’t come up with it :/) but it about blew off my trousers when I first saw it. Damn near perfection.

1.) Volkswagen: The Force [2011]

Number #1 in my book is this little gem from VW. After watching this commercial on YouTube (VW released it early) I remember feeling so happy and cheerful I watched it 4 more times, got up from my desk and went on a nice walk for about 20 minutes with a huge smile on my face. This ad has everything you can ask for: It has humor, emotion and a clear selling point that’s easy to understand. To sum it up in three words, “It’s absolutely Brilliant!”.

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