How Remote Start Can Change The Way You Feel About Winter

Ford Remote Starter

With the recent winter storm that hit the Midwest most of us found ourselves iced out of our vehicles. As some of us slaved away excavating our car out of the ice like a prehistoric creature, others just had to press a button and their cars melted the ice from the inside. These people have what is called a remote starter equipped to their vehicles. This allows owners to sit comfortably in their warm house while their car gets prepped and ready for the daily commute.

The Ease of Luxury

If you think remote starters are too complicated for you then you’re wrong. You can easily start up your car and make it nice and toasty in the winter months or nice and cool in the summer months with two easy steps.

  1. Lock the car
  2. Double click the start button

Your vehicle is now on, waiting for your presence. Pretty simple huh? That’s because it is. If a remote starter is something you’ve been interested in or you’re tired of thinking you accidentally got into the freezer instead of your car during the winter months, then give our Service Department a call at 513.932.1010 ext.814. Or email our our Service Manager,

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