New Tax for Electric Car Owners?

A recent law was proposed in Kansas that would require electric car owners to be taxed a special electricity “fuel” tax. Lawmakers fear that electric car owners are dodging taxes placed on other fuel sources (like gasoline and ethanol). Proposals on how the tax will be issued vary, from a separate meter to be used at an owner’s home through adding a tax onto an owner’s monthly bill. While it is uncertain on how this tax will be collected what is for certain is that electric car owners are “missing out” on taxes that other Americans pay.

While I agree that taxes are a necessary evil in this country, when I hark back on my freshman year psychology class, isn’t a tax on electric car owners fuel use an example of punishment when we really should be encouraging more drivers to use alternative fuel sources?

What do you think, is a tax on electric car owners’ electric consumption sending the wrong message? Is this tax a punishment or just something all Americans have do?

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