5 Rules of the Passenger Seat You Don’t Follow But Probably Should

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As you may recall, I can be a bit of an angry driver at times. Not because I’m an angry person in general, but because a lot of times when it comes to driving, people seem to forget about one little thing…


Even worse at times are the people who are sitting right next to you. Now when I’m a passenger in a car (which is very rare, I hate being driven around), I like to think I’m a very respectful copilot. The driver is in control; I am merely just a guest along for the ride. Unfortunately, this view is not as widely adopted as it should be.

With that in mind, I give you the 5 rules of the passenger seat.

DON’T Touch the Radio

This rule only applies if you haven’t previously been asked something like “What would you like to listen to?” or “Go ahead and put on what you’d like.” Other than those two things, the radio and the music being listened to is completely up to the driver. Don’t like my music? You are more than welcome to ask for a song change or suggest a new song, but under no circumstance should you take it upon yourself to control the radio. Exception: If the passenger receives a phone call while music is on, he/she is allowed to turn down the volume. Once call is finished, driver may start song over.

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DON’T Be a Driving Coach

Look, we all went through the same drivers education course. We both suffered through horrible in-car driving sessions. But those days are over and you aren’t my dad, so unless I’m doing something dangerous, keep your “driving tips” to yourself. Yes, I will turn right at this red light when it’s safe. No, I will not go any faster than the speed limit on the highway. And no, I most certainly will not pick up that homeless person.

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DON’T Eat in the Car

There is something about having a clean car that just makes everything in the world seem right. Maybe you share the same emotional connection to your car like I do, maybe you don’t, but the last thing I want is to find an old french-fry of yours wedged between the seat and the floor board the next time I go to vacuum. Drinks (with lids) are OK, but almost all foods are off limits. Plus, it’ll make me hungry, so unless you have something to share (and by share I mean watch me eat), save it for later.

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DON’T Sit in the Back Seat (when no one is in the front)

This one should go without saying, but I’ve had it happen a couple of times. First of all, it’s extremely awkward. You can’t really have a conversation with someone sitting in the back. And unless I’m wearing a suit and asking, “Where would you like to go next?” in a British accent, don’t leave the front seat vacant. I’m not your chauffeur, nor do I want to be. Plus, there’s more room up here. So please, come join me.

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DON’T Touch the Steering Wheel, Horn, or Shifter

I can’t believe I really even need to say this one, but surprisingly it has also happened. First of all, reaching over in to the operating area of the vehicle is extremely dangerous. And contrary to popular belief, the horn is not a toy. And for the love of God, when I’m going 45, or any speed for that matter, don’t try to put the car in park, it will make a loud noise and I will probably definitely yell at you (yes, I’ve had this happen, it wasn’t fun).

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So if you follow these simple guidelines, you can be sure we’ll have a pleasant car ride experience. It’s that easy. Oh, and these rules do not apply when I am the passenger in my own vehicle or on dates. Any other situation is fair game.

Do you have your own set of rules for passengers in your vehicle? Leave some comments below and let us know your thoughts!

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