Women Know Car Buying

Gone are the old days (rightly so) when men took women to do their shopping, negotiating, and purchasing of cars. According to a recent NPR news piece, Leasetrader.com conducted a study and found that women generally get better deals on cars than men do. Auto dealers and websites alike have noticed that women know what cars they want and what prices are reasonable for those cars.

The reason for women’s sales success? Asking the right questions, and sometimes asking different questions than men. The study showed that women care less about the vehicle’s engine and aesthetics and more about safety and function. Function that would, perhaps, allow for a specific spot for a woman to put her purse? Yes, I think so. Function that would not sacrifice style for enough room to haul around 3 children? Definitely. If women are willing and able (obviously) to negotiate showrooms, then vehicle designers need to step up and meet their needs.

Organizations such as Heels & Wheels are encouraging and supporting women in the vehicle purchasing market, and pushing for more female involvement in car design. Their website states that at least 60 percent of car purchases are made by women, and gives off a “female power” impression that says bringing your father or husband to the showroom to do your negotiating is a thing of the past.