How a $10 Tire Gauge Can Make You Look More Intelligent

blown tire pics

This weekend the Low Tire Pressure indicator on my dashboard lite up. Being the handy man I am (those who know me know this isn’t true) I took it upon myself to correct this issue by pumping air into my tires at a local gas station. The particular air station I used was free but didn’t have a tire gauge connected to the pump. Nor did I have one handy in my glove box. So what did I do? I decided I’d eyeball the tire pressure (quit laughing). After about 15 minutes of pumping air into my tires the low pressure light inside my Ford Fusion Sport was still lit.

Sometimes less is better

Because I couldn’t figure out of the root of the problem I decided I’d run it by our Lebanon Quick Lane center the next day. Brought it in and one of the technicians took a look at it, walked back in and asked “do you know what the recommended psi was for my tires”? I obviously replied, no. “Well you see it’s rated at 35 psi, your two back tires were measured at 30, your front passenger side 40 and your driver side wheel 70 psi.” said the technician. 70 psi! Literally double the recommended amount.

Here was my reaction

Moral of the Story

Get yourself a tire gauge. Seriously, Here’s where you can buy one. I just purchased one myself and consider myself pretty lucky nothing seriously wrong happened to me or to someone else due to my mechanical ignorance.

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