Built Ford Tough: Nat Geo’s Inside Look at the Ultimate Factory

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The Dearborn Truck Plant or DTP as it is commonly referred to in the automotive industry, is this week’s star of National Geographic hit show; Ultimate Factories. Built from the ground up in 2003, this 2.6 million square feet plant produces 10 of the 11 Ford F-150’s including the incredible Ford Raptor. DTP is Ford’s next generation flagship plant bringing Henry Ford’s manufacturing vision to the twenty first century.

State of the art

When it comes to efficiency and quality Ford’s Dearborn Truck Plant, which has over 4 miles of track, is definitely in a class of its own. By adopting Henry Ford’s lean manufacturing process and pairing it with the latest technology, they’ve been able to achieve the impossible while still maintaining Fords quality promise.

Just-in-time and vehicle-sequencing are just a few of the state of the art technologies that will be touch on during the show. Together they help navigate the over 4 miles of track throughout the plant, making it as seamless and efficient as possible. While these state of the art technologies give Ford the ability to produce more than 1,200 cars a day, they are only part of the equation to Fords desire to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Environmentally Friendly

When Ford set out to make this ultimate factory they had one goal in mind; improve efficiency and quality while embracing the environment. They’ve done this by utilizing many cool, unique and record breaking ideas. In fact their 10.4 acre living roof is an engineering marvel and stands as the largest of its kind in the world! Here is a breakdown of this amazing feat brought you by media.ford.com :

  • The Dearborn Truck Plant’s living roof is 10.4 acres of sedum, a drought-resistant perennial groundcover, planted into a specially layered bed.
  • Dearborn Truck’s living roof absorbs rainwater and carbon dioxide, plus reduces energy costs by helping to insulate the final assembly building.
  • The living roof will last twice as long as a traditionally constructed roof.
  • Dearborn Truck Plant’s living roof has earned a Guinness World RecordsTM designation as the World’s Largest Living Roof!

With a world record already under Ford and DTP’s belt you would assume most companies would just call it a day on their, “Go-Green effort” but not Ford. This is just one of the many ways they are bringing you the number one selling truck in America while maintaining the promise of protecting what makes this world great.

A Happy Employee is a Happy Customer

Ford is one of the very few companies who takes pride in their nearly 3,500 employees, realizing your product can only as good as the men and woman who build them. By making the line operators input a central part of the design process, they gave valuable insight to ensure it would be as employee friendly as possible.We’ve all heard the saying, “never buy a product that was built on a Monday or Friday.” There is definitely some truth to this but when it comes to the best selling truck in America any day is a buying day. Some of the highlights Nat Geo will touch on during the show this Saturday are:

  • Open and spacious interior with no towering stacks give employees a more spacious work environment.
  • The Mezzanines and overhead walkways reduce floor traffic on the plant floor, increasing employee safety.
  • Individual pallets on the assembly line give each employee the ability to adjust the height of the truck to meet their specific needs. This prevents employees from the unsafe behavior of kneeling or working over their heads.

The Grand Show

The F-150 is Ford’s “bread and butter” and has been around for more than 60 years.  This amazing truck helped Ford avoid bankruptcy while the rest of the industry collapsed, and more importantly giving them the courage to not accept any government bailout money. From the record breaking roof to the assembly line that produces a Built Ford Tough Truck every 58 to 59 seconds, DTP is truly a thing of engineering beauty. The F-150 and the nearly 3,500 men and woman who build it call Dearborn Truck Plant their home, let The National Geographic channel and Ford Motor Company make it yours this Saturday February 4 at 8:00pm.

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