The Most Dangerous Ego of All

Road Rage pic

In most situations, people are pretty humble. They don’t walk around bragging about their jobs, purchases or lives in general (…usually). But there’s one area in which nobody has a problem saying, “I’m the best.” Driving. Even the worst drivers in your life (and don’t rule yourself out yet) might claim they are perfectly good drivers. Why do we take such pride in being a good driver? Perhaps it is simple, and we just want people to feel comfortable riding with us. Perhaps it is more complex. Either way, this type of ego is the most dangerous of all because people with driver’s ego often think themselves invincible on the road, increasing their chances for an accident. For example, picture the car flying down the fast lane over 20 mph over the speed limit, switching lanes on a whim. Probably doesn’t think he (or she’s) too bad of a driver.

It’s time to pop the ego

Evaluate your driving habits. How many accidents or near mishaps have been “somebody else’s fault”? The sooner we can pop our own drivers’ egos, the sooner we can look out for our own weak spots as drivers. Maybe we are still confused about how that four way stop is really supposed to work and we just kind of go when it feels right. Maybe we get nervous turning left on intersections or merging into oncoming traffic on the highway. Either way, it’s important to acknowledge that we are not all the most amazing drivers, and we should stop pretending we are to improve our weaknesses.