The Simple Joys of Microsoft SYNC

Microsoft Sync Lebanon Ford Photo

When someone asks me, what’s your favorite feature of your car (a 2011 Ford Fusion Sport), it’s not the powerful 263 horsepower 3.5L V6 under the hood. It’s not the sport-tuned suspension or 18 inch aluminum wheels. It’s not the white stitching accented leather seats or multi color ambient lighting package. What is it you say? (Hint: read the title)

It’s Microsoft SYNC.

Now I’ve never really been a fan of hands-free systems in vehicles. When I think of them, I think of hard to use interfaces and voice recognition systems that don’t understand a word you say. Well, SYNC is neither of those things. From placing phone calls to managing your music, SYNC makes the driving experience easier and more enjoyable. Here are some of my favorite features so far.

Bluetooth Audio

This is BY FAR my favorite feature of the SYNC system. By using the Bluetooth connection between my iPhone and SYNC, music can be streamed wirelessly through the speakers in the car. You can even use the steering wheel controls to change songs. Awesome.

Phone Calls

Probably the meat and potatoes of SYNC, this feature is super easy to use. By pressing the voice button, you simply tell the car who to call. It’s that easy. And if there is more than one number for that contact, it’ll ask which one it should call. Nine times out of ten the car understands what I’m saying (some names are even hard for me to understand), and reacts very quickly to the request.

Phone Redial

I got so excited when I found this one. How many times have you tried to get a hold of someone who doesn’t answer and your only option is to call them back over and over again until you reach them? Well SYNC makes this easier. Instead of telling the car to call that person, just press the phone button twice, then OK twice. Easy redial.

USB Support

What doesn’t have a USB port these days? Hidden away in the center console is a port for a USB device. Take any USB device (flash drive, iPod/iPhone connector, etc.) and plug it in. Instant voice control of the music contents of the device. Song information will be displayed on the radio. You can use voice control to select artists, songs, genres, albums, and playlists all by voice.

These are only a few of the awesome features of SYNC. If you want to learn more about SYNC, give our myTech Team a call at 855-567-0440 or by email at

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