Oh the Super Bowl Commercial Possibilities!

VW Darth Vader image

Over the years, the Super bowl commercials have become nearly as popular as the game itself (more popular for some who “don’t really do football”). Memories like the lobster holding the Budweiser Beer Hostage, the WAAZAAAP! craze, and Darth Vader’s mini-me starting the Volkswagen with The Force have raised the bar for Super Bowl commercials.

The real question is what will we see this year? Will it be the unveiling of a flying car, car autopilot, or just a bunch of hilarious side splitters? No matter the case we’ll have to wait until Sunday and the following Monday when everybody quotes the best commercials.

While my only advertising experience comes from Don Draper on Madmen I do have one piece of advice for this weekends commercial makers. Be original, 1 million dollars a slot is a lot of money to be using the same commercial designs we have seen the past five years.