Automotive Showdown: The Fight For Super Bowl Legacy Is On

honda superbowl commercial

Super Bowl weekend isn’t just any old weekend; it’s the showdown of the year.  With only two of 32 teams given the rare opportunity to step on the field, we can’t guarantee everyone will be a fan of either team, but rather a fan of the game.  With bleacher report reporting that between 40-45% of people with televisions will tune in and over 150 million people expected to watch the game from over 232 counties and territories. The battle for commercial dominance is only part of what makes this day so great.

Commercial Chaos

The Super Bowl might only have two teams battling it out on the field but when it comes to commercials the battles are unrelenting and everywhere. With every major company fighting for their shot at commercial legacy, the Super Bowl stands strong as the only time throughout the year we anticipate those 30 second bits. The automotive powerhouses are no different, companies like Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Chrysler, Kia and Volkswagen will showcase their creative minds right alongside everyone else.

With this year’s 30 second slot going for 3.5 million the pressure is on for these auto makers to create a memorable and funny commercial.  With so much pressure and global presence on the line the question then becomes which one of these automotive powerhouses, come Sunday night, will claim Super Bowl XLVI legacy? And which ones will shamefully call in sick to their Monday morning meeting the following day?

Sunday Sneak Peak

Only Sunday will tell what the ultimate outcome will be for these top companies, but here is what’s expected from each auto maker via Superbowl Ads:

  • Chevy is taking a more direct stab at the Ford Motor Company with a commercial depicting a man driving out of an apocalyptic world, predicted by the Mayan calendar,  but his friend who drives a Ford doesn’t make it out alive.
  • Ford: because of the context of the above commercial I’m having doubts that Chevy actually watched this viral YouTube video of the F-150 that actually came out of an apocalyptic scene this past summer.
  • Toyota will be advertising during the Super Bowl for the first time in three years with a feel good commercial of its new 2012 Camry.
  • Chrysler plans to continue their unique trend of two minute commercials this Sunday. The two minute commercial has been growing in popularity over the years and this will be the second consecutive year Chrysler has gone this route. The ad is expected to be a pep talk to the country from none other than, The Clint Eastwood.
  • Kia is taking a more social approach utilizing the fan base of celebrities like Adriana Lima, Motley Crue and MMA fighter Chuck Liddell. They plan on having their commercial go viral and think utilizing the fan base of celebrities is the way to go.
  • VW is making a follow up to their last Super Bowl Commercial “The Force.” This year though it seems to be a bit of an odd commercial called “The Dog Strikes Back.” The original is 75 seconds long but will be cut down to 60 seconds in time for the game. The plot of the commercial is how the new 2012 Beetle inspire Bolt (the dog) to get in shape and is expected to have a surprise appearance by a superstar.

Commercials = Super Bowl

The thrill of the big game and the excitement and joy of cheering on your favorite team to victory is only part of what makes this American tradition so great. Those 30 second chances for glory in-between those passes, runs and touchdowns are the other side of what makes the Super Bowl such an exciting event. It’s the clever, jaw dropping and sometimes humorous commercials that make the biggest sporting event in the world one of America’s greatest products.

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