Super Bowl MVP Melancholy Towards Corvette

On Super Bowl Sunday when the clocks read zeros and the Giants were declared champions I couldn’t help but notice the tricked out Corvette that was conveniently parked near the 50-yard line. When I found out that the car would be given to the game’s MVP I thought, “What a great gift!”

What surprised me however was the less than enthusiastic response Eli Manning gave when presented the keys. I mean I was at least looking for an “oh thanks” or a promise that all the players would get to drive it like Brady a few years ago. I wondered, what was with the nonchalant attitude? The excitement from the game or that Eli could afford 20 of those Corvettes? He could at least pretend to be excited to appease us. It’s like getting a pair or awful socks from Grandma…you can at least pretend to appreciate it. While I hope the answer to that question is the former, if it is the latter, I would be happy to take that or any other of his cars off his hands, as I’m sure most of us would