Finding Directions is Easier With SYNC Services

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We’ve covered many things concerning SYNC Services lately but there is one thing we really haven’t explained, how to program save points for your turn-by-turn directions. Services’ Directions is a GPS guided navigation feature that you get when you sign up for account and activate Services. You are able to access the feature through your vehicle and set up your destination by using your voice to input the information. Like a regular GPS you can save address in the systems memory so you can easily access them for later use.

Creating Save Points In-Vehicle

You have two options when it comes to creating save points, much like favorites, which we discussed in a previous article entitled Personalize Your Driving Experience in 2 Easy Steps.

  1. Activate Services in your vehicle by pressing the voice button and saying “Services”.
  2. Say “Directions” when prompted to say a Service
  3. From here you can save two home points, “Work” and “Home”, by just saying which one you want.

The system will recognize you do not already have an address for these two points and will then proceed to ask for the city, state and then the address. Once completed it gets saved so you can easily access those points by saying the name.

Creating Save Points Online

Just like programming your favorites, you need to go to and login to your account. If you’ve purchased at Lebanon Ford then we already set up and account for you and your log-in info is located in the myTech Team page of your Welcome Packet.

  1. Once logged in to your account and click “Personalize Services”. This is located in the “Status” box which is shown once you log in.
  2. Click the “Manage Saved Points and Alerts” in the Traffic & Directions box.
  3. Select “Create Saved Points” or you can choose from a recent destination you’ve used and click “Add as Saved Point”.


When saving points you are able to title them any way you wish. Just remember that when you try to access them in your vehicle you will have to pronounce it exactly as you titled it. If it is titled in all capital letters the system will recognize it as individual letters. So when you want to get directions to the park, you will have to say “P-A-R-K” when prompted.

Getting Traffic Updates

This is my favorite use of SYNC Services, it’s called Traffic Alert. When you save at least two addresses as save points you can receive traffic alerts between those locations.

  1. When you are in “Saved Points and Alerts”, simply click the “Add Traffic Alert” located below a saved point.
  2. That saved point becomes the destination and you are then able to select a other saved location as the start point.
  3. Then select the days and time period you want to receive Traffic Alerts between those two locations.

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