The Best of Top Gear: Told By A Guy Who Has Watched Every Episode

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Over the course of six weeks I will be covering the best Top Gear episodes and moments that anyone who loves the series or cars must see. I did not add any episodes form the first two series, but I suggest that you watch both of them in their entirety. These two series, while not amazing compared to some of the later ones, shows you how different the series was and make you appreciate how it has evolved over the course of 10 years.

The Challenge

Now this list will span the course of six weeks and will consist of roughly six episodes each.  The challenge, watch the episodes presented in each post. I will be posting every Thursday so you will be able to span the episodes over the course of the week. We will start from Season 13 and I will add links so you can easily access the episodes. I will also be adding the Top Gear Specials to the list when they show up in the series. At the end of the list I will reveal two Specials Episodes that very few people have ever seen.

Series 3: Episode 5 & 6:

If you’ve ever paid attention to the news you will always see terrorists or militant groups riding along in a pickup truck shooting in the air. If you notice, the trucks they use are all the same, Toyota Hilux. Top Gear noticed and went to figure out why every terrorist group around the world chooses the Toyota Hilux. They put the truck through a series of grueling test they come to a shocking conclusion.

Series 4 Episode 1:

We are located in Ohio so we don’t see much train transportation, but those of you who do I’m sure have asked the question “would it be quicker to take the train or to drive?” In this episode we find out as Jeremy drives the “new” Aston Martin DB9 against Richard and James using public train transportation. The destination, Monte Carlo. There are a couple of these car v. public transport throughout Top Gear so it is good to know where they started from.

Series 4 Episode 4:

With gas prices as high as they are everyone is trying to buy the most fuel efficient cars out there hoping to beat the pump. Well as Jeremy attempts to prove, it’s not the car you buy that will save you money on gas, it’s how you drive the car. He attempts to drive from London to Edenbraugh and back again in one tank of gas, for a total of 800miles. You may think to yourself that he’ll use a  light weight diesel car that gets around 70mpg. Well you’d be right about the diesel but that’s about it, because he decides he’s going to drive a V8, twin turbocharged Audi A8. There is another challenge similar to this one in a later series.

Series 5 Episode 6:

As we go through the best of Top Gear we will come along a lot of challenges such as the one in this episode. The producers decide to give Richard, James and Jeremy £1500 each to buy a Porsche. To put it this way, it takes them 6 hours just to get out of London. Its a great to see how much sports car you can get for nearly $3,000 if you want to recreate this challenge at home. (Not Recommended)

Series 5 Episode 8:

Another great episode involving car v. public transport. This time Jeremy is driving the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and James and Richard are taking to the skies using air travel. Their destination is the Alps during ski season. The end of this race I think is the most notable of these car v. public transportation challenges. That is why this is one of my favorite challenges that they’ve done and it answers one of the most common questions people have during the holidays, “do i drive or fly”.

Series 5 Episode 6:

While this car v. public transportation challenge isn’t one a lot of us think about but it is a great one none the less. May and Hammond use a boat to get to Oslo, Norway and attempt to beat Clarkson in a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. Now I know a lot of us don’t or never will use a boat for transportation the SLR in this episode is simply, the best thing ever. It is one of my favorite sounding cars of all time and it could make this list just on its exhaust notes alone.

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