10 Easy DIY Microsoft Sync Setups and Fixes

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In-vehicle technology can sometimes be confusing. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of 10 easy DIY (Do it Yourself) fixes and setups for Microsoft SYNC and MyFord Touch infotainment system. If you have any questions regarding this list drop a comment below or contact our myTech Team by phone (513) 932-1010 x127 or email mytechteam@lebanon-ford.com.

General Fixes

From fixing common Microsoft SYNC issues to maintaining your phones Bluetooth connectivity you’ll find the answers to the most common Microsoft SYNC issues:

How to Fix Common Microsoft SYNC Issues

Quick Ways to Fix Common Microsoft SYNC Connection Issues

How to Easily Keep Your Mobile Device Connected to Ford SYNC

Phone Fixes

From iOS to Blackberry we’ve got you covered when it comes to syncing your mobile device to Microsoft SYNC. Check out our step by step articles below on mobile device fixes and setups (coming soon Windows7 phone):

10 Easy Steps to Setup your Blackberry Device with SYNC

How to Fix Common Android Device SYNC Issues

How to Fix Common iPhone iOS SYNC Issues

Quick Setups

Taking the time to setup SYNC services in your Ford vehicle can help you get the most from your in-vehicle technology. Below you’ll find setup information on SYNC services as well as instruction on how to setup your mobile device to play video through MyFord Touch:

A Simple Way to Place Calls From Your Ford

3 Easy Steps that Could Change Your Driving Experience Forever

How to Play Video on MyFord Touch from a Mobile Device [w/video]

You’re the Mechanic with SYNC Vehicle Health Report

Contact Us

If you need further assistance with your Ford’s in-vehicle technology contact myTech Team at 855-567-0440 or write us an email at mytechteam@lebanon-ford.com.

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