How to Operate SiriusXM Satellite Radio

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If you’re buying a new car anytime soon then you’ll probably come across the name SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Practically every car manufacturer comes with a free limited subscription of some sort when you purchase a new vehicle equipped with satellite radio. How long this subscription is depends on the manufacturer you purchase from, but what you get is the same.

How it Works

We will just cover satellite radio in Ford vehicles for now. When you enter your vehicle you will see a button that reads “Sirius”. This is what will bring up your satellite radio in your vehicle. Just like FM/AM you will be able to preset stations for quick access later. How many stations you can preset is dependent on the vehicle you have, usually you’ll be able to save ten stations. You also have SAT1, SAT2 and SAT3, just like FM1 and FM2.


In Ford vehicles you will see two buttons that read “Text” and “Direct”. These two buttons work with the satellite radio and no “Text” doesn’t allow you to send text messages to your friends. When you have your sat radio playing you can use the “Direct” button to enter in a channel number to quickly jump to that station. Just use the preset numbers to enter in the desired channel.

The “Text” button will allow you to toggle what information is being displayed. You have two choices of information to be displayed, the first is artist and song, the second is channel name and category. To cycle through the information just click the “Text” button until what you want is displayed on the screen.

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