The Best of Top Gear: Told By A Guy Who Has Watched Every Episode Pt.2

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Part two of the best of Top Gear is here (Six parts total). In this installment we have the first of many Top Gear Specials that will pop up. You can find part one at The Best of Top Gear: Told By A Guy Who Has Watched Every Episode. Enjoy!

Series 7 Episode 5

The first look at the fastest production car ever made, the Bugatti Veyron. This car is an amazing engineering feat and it’s astonishing to watch Jeremy attempt to beat May and Richard from Italy to London. However there is a twist, James has learned how to fly a private jet. I don’t know who allowed a man with no sense of direction to traverse the open sky but I’m sure he has been fired.


This is the first of many upcoming Specials. These specials will enter the list according to their original air date so enjoy the crew trying to improve the Winter Olympics by adding cars to the mix. I don’t know if their award for second place will ever make the cut though.

Series 8 Episode 1

We’ve all sat in a van at one time or another in our lives. Whether on a family vacation or a car pool to a soccer game. At some point though, you’ve wondered what it would be like to sit in that same van but without a roof. In this episode Jeremy, Richard and James do just that. You may say “ok, anyone can chop the roof off a car and call it a convertible”. Don’t worry they have to go through a series of challenges to make sure their van is practical for road use, so you’ll be safe when you pick up your convertible van at a dealer near you.

Series 8 Episode 3

It’s safe to say most of us out there believe owning an amphibious vehicle would be an awesome thing to have. The only problem is they’re not easy to come by and extremely expensive to purchase and maintain. In this episode Richard, James and Jeremy attempt to show how you can take an ordinary vehicle and modify it into your very own personal amphibious vehicle. We’ll be revisiting their second look at amphibious vehicles in next week’s list so be sure to check this one out first.

Series 8 Episode 6

If you love camping then chances are the presenters of Top Gear wont like you, but they’re trying. In an attempt to understand those who like to camp they try their hand at it. It’s safe to say I don’t think you’ve experienced a camping adventure quite like this one.

Series 9 Episode 1

It’s fun to watch the ol’ chaps do power slides and max out a vehicles top speed, but we tend to forget how easily things can go wrong when you’re pushing these vehicles and yourself to their limit. This episode reminds us how dangerous it is to push a vehicle to far.

Series 9 Episode 2

After we’ve just seen Richards brush with death while pushing a vehicle to its limit. James will have a go as well. Captain Slow drives the world’s fastest production car to its limit of 253MPH. He attempts this on the only track that has the required 5 and a half miles of straight tarmac needed…

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