$800,000 for a Pick-Up Truck!

Country artists around the U.S. sing their songs about lost love, their dogs, and of course their American trucks which no import could replace. But with such songs of mud slinging, hay hauling, and other workin’ man things, where does an $800,000 1947 Ford pick-up fit in? For the Ford Motor Company, one of these rare collectors (1 of 35 made) will fit in their personal collection, recently being purchased from a man in Ontario Canada. Rare features included in this piece of Americana include a supercharger, sliding back glass window and of course who could forget the “smokers kit.”

The truck was no doubt a once in a lifetime purchase for Ford and is said to go on display very soon. With such a rare and expensive truck, I doubt Ford would agree with country star Joe Diffie that you could set the “truck on fire and roll it down a hill” and it would still be more valuable to them than a “Coupe Deville.”