How to Setup SYNC Voice Activated Control in Two Easy Steps

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If you have an iPod or any other portable music playing device then chances are you enjoy using it in your vehicle. I smell something brewing here…

Have you ever wondered how to merge the two together in perfect harmony? I have, mainly because the only way to play music in my car is to play Pandora through the speakers on my phone. Over time you realize the trick is to locate the right angle in the cup holder so the sound can bounce around the car. Thus, creating the illusion it’s coming out straight out of the vehicle’s speakers. As you can imagine my driving trips aren’t very enjoyable…

Alas! If you happen to be blessed with a USB port in your vehicle then you’re probably enjoying your entertainment experience a little more than I am. If you just so happen to be dipped in gold and have a Ford vehicle equipped with SYNC then you’re living the entertainment dream.

The reason is simple, you have the ability to control your media player with your voice. That’s right; you’ll be able to command your device better than Captain Kirk commands his crew during a galactic battle.

Step One

Plug your device in the USB port and press the voice button and say “USB”. You might encounter a message that says “Initializing”. The vehicle is just compiling all of the music and forming voice commands for everything. This usually doesn’t take long unless you have thousands of songs saved on your device.

Step Two

Once the initializing is complete your device should automatically start playing music. You can then use voice commands like; “Play Artist xxx”, “Play Track xxx”, “Play Genre xxx”, along with the simple commands of “Play/Pause”. These aren’t the only commands you can use, there are many more.

When using your device through USB explore different voice commands. Try things like “Play that album I really like”. I’ll save you some time and tell you that’s not a command that works. You could say “Play similar”, that command works. It will take what is playing and compile a unique playlist based around that particular song.


There are some instances where people have experienced some connection issues when they leave their USB cords plugged into the ports after they turn off the car. Ford does advise that you unplug the USB cord every time you turn off the vehicle. If you have experienced this issue and have a MyFord Touch system rest assured that Ford took that into consideration when developing the MyFord Touch upgrade and is hoping will resolve that issue.

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