How To Preset A Radio Station in Your Vehicle

Programming a radio station in any car may be one of the easiest things to do. Although when you add on top of it all the technology in vehicles now, the simple tasks can sometimes be forgotten. So we here at myTech Team have decided to create a video to remind those lost how easy it can be. Just follow these simple steps and you’re favorite radio stations will be just a push of a button away.

  1. Be sure your vehicle is on.
  2. Turn on your radio.
  3. Tune to your radio station of choice.
  4. Press and hold which preset button you’d like to assign that station to.
  5. Once it is saved, your vehicle will show “Preset Saved”.
  6. Rinse, and repeat for any additional radio stations.

It’s that simple. Feel free to contact a myTech Team Representative with any questions regarding your in-vehicle technology by calling us at 855-567-0440 or by sending us an email at

About myTech Team

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  • Toni Trapp Stinchcomb

    My fusion does the same thing. I wonder if I need to go back to the dealer to find out whats up with that.

  • Jerry in HAMILTON

    Hi: I have a 2016 Expedition. Cannot get Sirius Channel Guide- just continually updates. I can tune manually and get stations otherwise, but NO Guide. Dealership has already replaced my radio once- guide worked for 2 weeks- then, same issue. They have been in touch with Ford Tech” for 3 Months now!!! Still no progress- when I call, they advise that there are still no fixes? Am told that this problem is specific to 2016 Expeditions in North America/Canada. Sounds weird to me. I followed up with Sirius and they redirect me back to dealership. My Ford Life is “Guide-less”.

  • anotherfencewalker

    I CANNOT get these presets to take. You do it the way it tells you to but goes back to the original preset. What is the fix on a 2016 GT350? The manual is useless. It tells you what your system can do but doesnt tell you how to do it..