What Were They Thinking When They Named That Car?

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When you think about it, a lot goes into a car’s model name. A car’s name, like a book or movie title sets the tone for the car. It gives it a personality. When hearing a name like Mustang, your mind is primed and ready for speed, power and a whole lot of attitude. Similarly, a name like Flex primes the mind for a car with accommodation, utility, and a sense of contemporary style. While car designers have gotten it right more times than not, there are a few model name-fails.

My top five worst car names

5.) The Chevrolet Chevette – Is this the offspring of a Chevelle  and a Corvette or the slowest two door to ever come out of Detroit?

4.) The AMC Gremlin – Does this car come with the little evil monsters from the movie or is this the slowest two door to ever come out of Detroit?

3.) The Nissan Stanza – How do you drive a section of poetry?

2.) The Kia Forte Koup – Hey, that is not how you spell COUPE!

1.) The Volkswagen 180 “Thing”- Yep, with that name I sure am jazzed to drive that car.

Are there any car names that you could live without or change?