How to Personalize Your MyFord Touch Background

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People love customizing their things and adding a little touch of themselves to whatever they own. When it comes to a cars, it’s no different. Ford has added something special to the MyFord Touch system. They allow you to upload up to 32 pictures into your vehicle’s MyFord Touch system so you can save them as a background on your 8” touch screen. Now you and everyone in the car can see how cute your dog looks in that tutu you bought him. If the vehicle won’t upload your picture here’s your solution.

Uploading Pictures

  1. Take a blank USB drive and load the photos you wish to display in your vehicle.
  2. Insert USB device into the USB port and select “Menu” on the screen. (Located at the top of the screen)
  3. Select “Display” and “Edit Wallpaper”
  4. Click “Add” and select what files you wish to upload on you vehicle.
  5. Once uploaded select the picture you want and press “Save” and it will be set as your background.
MyFord Touch allows you to upload photos in several different types of formats, including .jpg, .gif, .png, and .bmp. There is a file size limit of 1.5mb and can hold up to 32 pictures total. The optimal resolution for a photo on MyFord Touch is 800×384.

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  • Walton Ciferri

    10 easy steps to crop/resize In Photoshop (CS6 & most other earlier versions).
    1. Ensure your image is landscape.
    2. In “Essentials” mode, ensure the “Style” is set to “Fixed Ratio”.
    3. Change the ratio Width to 800 and Height to 384.
    4. With the Rectangular Marquee Tool, select the portion of the image you want to make as the screen.
    5. Make it as large as you can. (you can resize later).
    6. Once selected, crop it by clicking “Image” in the top browser, then select “Crop”. The image is now the right shape.
    7. To ensure the correct file size, again in the top browser, select “Image”, then “Image Size”.
    8. A pop-up will appear. Ensure the pixel dimensions are set for Pixels.
    9. Change width to 800. Ensure the Height is 384 or less. (it should show 384). Then select “Save”.
    10 To save, select “File”, then “Save As”. Save the image as a JPG. If the file is still larger than 1.5mb, change it to a lower resolution to lower the file size the closest to 1.5mb without going over. Done.

    Save your image to a USB and upload it into your system. Done!

    • Adam Mendoza

      I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 11. If you don’t mind, how do I crop a 800×384 out of a picture? Thanks.

  • Walton Ciferri

    See above if you have photoshop.

  • Chris Evans

    I have a Samsung galaxy trying to upload pics to my car. But getting nowhere fast any help please.