Too Cramped for Comfort

Is it just me or are those bank ATM drive thrus way to narrow for any car no matter the size to comfortably navigate. Each time I line up my car to get to the ATM I slowly creep forward hoping to not rim out on the right side but at the same time get close enough to the machine to be able to reach but not take off my driver’s side mirror. Without a single nerve left to devote to this tense situation I slowly pull away, nervous but happy for the cash in my pocket and the feelings associated with accomplishing a tough mission.

And while this tale will by no means make the big screen let alone the local news (despite their recent lack of content) this space issue is a real problem. While I am but one humble opinion, I have one way to alleviate any driver anxiety when navigating the mobile ATM bay. The solution would be to use a carwash style conveyer belt to pull cars through the lane (with a stop at the ATM of course). A conveyer system would ensure driver and car safety, and alleviate driver anxiety.

The only question is, what to do if you get stuck on the conveyer…”Please hold to be connected to the next bank representative.” At 11 PM? Oh brother!