2012 Ford Focus Named Connected Car of the Year

Ford Focus image

Each year the editors of Connected World Magazine come together to decide what are the most connected cars on the market. This year the prestigious Connected Car of the Year award went to none other than the redesigned 2012 Ford Focus. “Ford is honored to receive this award from Connected World magazine,” said Paul Russell, Ford Focus brand manager. “The award embodies the global nature of the Focus with its fun-to-drive character and smart technology customers are looking for.”

As a Lebanon Ford sales consultant this award comes as no surprise. This compact sedan isn’t like most on the market today. I can still remember the surprised feeling I had when I first laid eyes on the new Ford Focus design. The amount of technology Ford implemented in the new design is quite staggering considering the price. Technology just a few years prior could only be found on high-line brands. With the MyFord Touch system, SYNC technology, push button start and keyless entry this compact sedan offers car buyers the best of everything. Giving you the fuel efficiency you need with the technology you want, all at an unbeatable price.

Ford Media reports Connected World editors base their awards on three broad factors: safety, convenience and information options.

  • Safety encompasses active safety features and distraction-free driving, including hands-free and vehicle safety features, emergency response services and stolen vehicle/roadside assistance features.
  • For the convenience judging, editors focus on overall comfort and driver/owner convenience. Criteria include remote access to the vehicle, vehicle diagnostic information, traffic and navigation features, as well as driver assistance programs.
  • Finally, editor’s focus on vehicles providing information options in a distraction-free manner; these attributes include streaming content, device-pairing capabilities, social media connections and Web connectivity.

“The Ford Focus sets a high bar in the small category when it comes to connectivity with MyFord Touch® and SYNC®,” said Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine. “They just keep getting better and better. No other car in its class comes close to offering such a high level of safety, convenience and infotainment. Techies and non-techies alike are enjoying this connected ride.”

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