The Best of Top Gear: Told By a Guy Who Has Watched Every Episode Pt.4

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So begins week four of our six week Best of Top Gear series. As always we have compiled the best Top Gear has to offer and have spread them out over six weeks. This week you can look forward to seeing Nissan’s GT-R try and beat the Bullet Train and watch Britain take on Germany once again. If you wish to catch up on the episodes you can find the previous week’s list at the bottom of the post. Enjoy.

Series 11: Episode 3

Alfa Romeo may not be a name you recognize and that’s because it’s a car manufacturer in Europe. The chaps at Top Gear have always made fun of Alfa’s for breaking down, but have held a spot in their petrol filled hearts for the auto maker. They claim they have something that no other car can give you and in order to be a true petrol head you must have owned one at least once in your life. The producers thought otherwise and thus a challenge was born.

What becomes of these cars is what makes this episode a great. Also watching James May trying to talk to two girls is a rather hilarious thing to watch.

Series 11: Episode 4

Coming off of the previous episode we look at Alfa Romeo’s 8C and to be honest, I would own one of these in a heartbeat. It is a beautiful car and one that could be classified as art, which is what they set out to do. But that’s not all! We get to see the stunning Nissan GT-R in action as Jeremy tries to beat Japan’s Bullet Train. It’s an action packed challenge filled with many breakdowns in communication.

Series 11: Episode 6

This is one of the best of the best episodes on Top Gear. The British verse the Germans part 2, I don’t think I have to explain what happened during their previous meeting but let’s just say the Germans have a score to settle. If this is the only episode you watch out of this series you won’t be disappointed. As a bonus, the challenges will have you literally laughing at loud and not that emotionless “LOL” kind either.

Series 12: Episode 1

Jeremy received a ton of angry letters because of this episode, more than the usual amount. The lorry drivers, truck drivers in the states, didn’t like how he explained the difficulty of their profession. The outrage over what he said even made it on 60 Minutes’ interview with Jeremy Clarkson. Knowing that will make this episode that much more enjoyable.

Series 12: Episode 4

This episode graces us with another fuel economy test. This time though the whole crew gets in on it, but that doesn’t mean everyone is taking it seriously. The prize for making it to the destination, lighting up the Christmas Tree in Blackpool. That may not sound exciting but you know what they say, it’s all about the journey not the destination.

Series 12: Episode 6

I threw this one in here because this show is quintessentially British. So we don’t see a lot of vehicles showcased that we can actually have access to and if we can chances are, its way out of most people’s price range. This episode changes all that though. We get to see Jeremy Clarkson review a vehicle that just recently came to our side of the pond, the Ford Fiesta. If you don’t finish this episode wanting to buy a Fiesta to storm a beach you need to go to the hospital because you don’t have a pulse. But if you do have a pulse then you can get your hands on a Fiesta at Lebanon Ford (shameless plug inserted).


Another Special has blessed us with its presence this week. There are people out there who will argue that this is the best episode out of the entire Top Gear series. So it’s a given that anyone who loves Top Gear must watch it, especially those of you keeping up with our Best of Top Gear Series series. So enjoy it.

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The Best of Top Gear: Told by a Guy Whose Watched Every Episode 

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