What’s Your Car’s Name?

With such an emphasis on emotions, feelings and relationships, in contemporary society, Americans have relationships with everything, and I mean everything. From other humans, to dogs and cats, all the way to inanimate objects (if you had a pet rock as a kid I won’t judge) people will love and even name anything. One such popular relationship is that between people and their cars.

The question is, to name the car or not to name the car? On the positive side, naming a car shows a personal connection and shows the value a person finds in their car. Also, if a person has more than one car, naming that car may make it easier to identify when taking about it. In some cases, naming a car sometimes just sounds cool.

On the negative side however, if you make the tragic mistake of misnaming your car, you may get weird looks from friends or them making fun of you behind your back. Naming you car may in some circles also seem a bit juvenile. Your little “cuddle bear” gives off a different impression than “black thunder.”

Also, bonding with your vehicle can lead to an emotional attachment that makes you more vulnerable to being upset after an accident or stray cart hitting your baby’s door.

While naming your car is completely up to you, it does have its positives and negatives. What do you think, do you name your cars?