2012 MyFord Touch Upgrade: What You Need To Know [w/video]

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The MyFord Touch upgrade  shipped on March 5th of this year and if you haven’t yet updated your MyFord Touch system below is everything you need to know. You can install the upgrade yourself with the instructions that come with the flash drive or you can opt to go to your local Ford Dealership and get it installed there. And the best part about all of this?

It’s FREE!!!

The upgrade is free and if you choose to go to a dealership to get the update installed you do not have to pay any service charge. If the dealership is telling you that there is a cost to install they are not a trusted dealership.


You will also get a 1 year extension on your vehicle warranty, this includes SYNC module only and doesn’t affect your bumper to bumper warranty. If you paid to have your SYNC module replaced recently you might be eligible to receive a refund.


  1. Start your vehicle
  2. Turn on your radio and put the volume to low but at an audible level.
  3. Insert USB flash drive into USB port (installation should automatically begin)
  4. You will see a message pop up informing you what to expect with the installation. Press “OK” to begin the installation

The installation will take around 60 min and you may encounter times where it seems like the system is frozen or the screen becomes blacked out. This is normal so don’t freak-out, just keep the vehicle running until the installation is complete. Once complete the system will restart itself so the screen may be black for a couple of minutes. Once it is rebooted you should immediately notice the upgraded system. Wait for the system to finish the final installation of files before turning off the vehicle.


Once the upgrade is complete insert the updated SD card into the SD slot and press “OK”. This will load up your new updated navigation. Ford recommends that you recycle your old SD card through Recycle for Charity. The proceeds go to help find a cure for breast cancer.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the upgrade you can reach myTech Team by phone at 855-567-0440 or write us at mytechteam@lebanon-ford.com.

*Remember to follow all the instructions attached to the upgrade to ensure that it’s installed correctly*

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