Just When You Thought College Students Shared Everything

For many college students, university life is full of adjustments, feeding yourself, doing laundry ,and for many a lack of car transportation. Whether these students cannot both pay for college and school or fees make it unpractical to house a car on a campus, the fact remains that many students who are moving in all other aspects of their lives are not moving by car.

To alleviate such a motor -less predicament, Wheelz.com has come to the rescue. For lucky students attending Stanford, UC Berkley, USC, and UCLA (aka: all schools far away from here and where I would like to be) they can rent other students cars for a fee. Also, students who are lucky enough to have a car on campus and are looking for extra cash can sign up to make money renting their cars.

To rent a car, a person signs up for the program and makes an appointment to rent a car (which ever they choose and is available in the program). From there the student finds the car on campus when it is there turn, uses the Wheelz installed keyless entry, and drives the car for as long as they have it rented. Both the owner and renters bank accounts are attached to the system and is where money is transferred. Thankfully all cars have 24-hour roadside assistance through Wheelz as well as a 1 million dollar insurance policy.

While this innovative idea seems quite convenient and kind of fun, I don’t know if I would want random people driving my car. What do you think, would you sign up as a renter or owner?