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The 2012 Ford F-150 is quite simply a thing of beauty, and with its many upgrades and features it’s no surprise it was named the Motor Trend Truck of the year for 2012. Making its 4th such award since Motor Trend began presenting the Truck of the Year award in 1989! It should be noted no other truck has been able to accomplish such a feat.

The F-150 has seen its fair share of enhancements over the years, the addition of the EcoBoost is by far the biggest. EcoBoost gives the F-150 many added bonuses, main one being its ability to deliver V8 power with the fuel economy of a V6.  With its unrivaled 3 decades of, “best selling truck” status and its 4th Motor Trend Truck of the year award it can be hard to pick through the many edifying articles out there.  So I did it for you! (and boy did I find some good ones)

Top 2012 Ford F-150 Articles:

2012 Motor Trend Truck of the Year

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