The Most Ironic Bird of All Time

Whether it is the Monday morning commute or Friday at 5, road rage never fails to rear its ugly head. For some, that rage is contained to a mere honk of the horn or the occasional pound of the wheel. For others however, the rage takes on more creative and might I say colorful forms. In one such instance, ABC News reported on a Florida woman (Kristyn Dominy) who was driving home one day and was passed by a fellow motorist. Not only did this rushed motorist pass Dominy with a double solid line but also flew her left handed bird in response to the first Dominy’s more careful driving habits.

Thinking nothing of the rude gesture, Dominy continued down the road. Soon after, Dominy noticed a car turned on its side and on fire; it was the car with the lady who flipped Dominy off. Without hesitation Dominy sprang into action, helping the driver and the driver’s baby put on fires that had engulfed their clothes.

While this story is a truly great story, I challenge everyone to take a page out of Dominy’s book and to rise to the occasion by help others no matter the circumstances. Oh and I’m sure that after this traumatic event that flipped middle finger was exchanged for a well-deserved hug between the two motorists.